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It is a good time to start thinking about tune ups, repairs that you put off last year, or even replacements of the AC system.  Think back to last summer, was your a/c making a funny sound as it was running; slow to start, or maybe not cooling your house down to the temperature of your choosing?  If so you should have them checked before they are needed.  Another tip for keeping a good running system: Make sure you check the batteries in your thermostat! As the batteries start to fade away it may affect the way your system is running.  A low battery signal may not send the signal for cooling to the A/C unit, and you may be thinking that it is broken.  It is the little things that can keep you up and running.  Don’t forget to check those filters as well!

If you are in need of service, or a quote for a new system please call! Right now for our readers we are offering to coupons;

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$150 off Installation of a new system.

Springtime on the Central Coast

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Cooling, Heating

We are very lucky to live and work on the Central Coast.  We are blessed with some of the greatest weather in the states! Mild winters and warm springs and summers.  We may not get a lot of rain which is a bummer but I wouldn’t trade it for snow, ice or hurricanes!  It seems this week Mother Nature is a little confused, Sunday it was 90 degrees and today it is 61! Most of you are trying to decide if you should turn the A/C on or just open up those windows! I know I was contemplating the same idea on Sunday, instead we hooked the sprinkler up to the trampoline and watched the kids play!

With the weather being so back and forth right now remember to program your thermostats so that you are not running either the heating or the cooling when nobody is home, or when it is just not that hot outside.  It is a good way to save on your energy costs.

A funny little meme for our friends in the midwest and on the east coast!Image

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It Is Warming Up!

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s starting to feel a little like summer here on the Central Coast.  This is probably my favorite part about living here, the mild winters and warm summers.  We have already turned the heater off in our home in preparation for the longer and warmer days! It is also a good time to have your AC checked out, and clean your filters.  There is nothing worse than an out of the blue 95 degree day and no AC! Keep us in mind when you make your transition from heating to cooling!  

Building Trust

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Cooling, Heating

Being in a service based industry that takes you into your customer’s home you have to build a solid foundation of trust.  When Customers are letting you into their homes to provide them with a service that 25 other companies in the county are offering, you need to be honest, and believe in what you are selling.  Most customers will choose one company over the other based on the quality of service they provide them other than just the price.  If you are honest in your work and connect with the customers on many levels you will have a better opportunity of working with them.

“It’s the emotional benefits that make you a brand and get you into people’s lives so they come back time and time again.”

I feel that as a small business we took a leap of faith by submitting our family photo into the phone book for advertising.  It put my family in thousands of phone books across the county.  But with that decision we tapped into a new side of trust with our customers.  They felt more connected to us since we allowed them a look into our personal lives.  Since that decision was made it has benefited us in many ways.   It has generated lots of word of mouth advertising to their friends and family.  We couldn’t be happier with the decision.

This is the photo that appears in our phone book advertisements!



Posted: February 28, 2013 in Cooling, Heating
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Welcome to Bennett & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning Blog page.  We are a newer company that started in 2010 with a mission to bring back small town service to a rapidly growing area. We are a local company , born and raised on the central coast, with over 10 years experience.  We provide service from the Northern Santa Barbara County to all of San Luis Obispo County.  We provide service, repairs, replacements and new installations at competitive prices and quality service.  We can check your units before the start of every season to make sure that everything is running safely and properly to carry through those warm summer months or the cold winter months.

With this blog we hope to keep you up to date with the latest rebates that are offered, new products like thermostats that you can program from your smart phones! Or just everyday tips and tricks to keep you running at 100%. We would like our readers/customers to let us know how we did or how we can do better.  We strive to have excellence service and happy customers.  We also would like to share with our readers on the community events that we like to help out in, sponsoring youth sports, the local dance schools etc.